The Story Behind Aqua Aura

By: Legend Of Veena
April 9, 2017

As someone looking to evolve their spiritual growth, crystals and rocks are a great tool to help increase your intuition. Defined in detail by a multitude of mystics, probably the most well-known being Edward Cayceβ€”who used his trance-like abilities to document many fascinations of the world and Universe, the metaphysical properties of these Earthy creations can positively influence our lives.

Each crystal and rock hold a specific property. Some help you connect with Angels more clearly, while others spur self-love and inner beauty. The list goes on and on for physical and mental ailments, personal growth, and problem solvingβ€”all of which help you grow in a positive manner towards God.

As a growing trend among lifestyle designers, crystals & rocks are being placed in offices, businesses, and homes as a ‘decorative furnishing’ item. Although acceptableβ€”since they are a fascinating discovery to the eyeβ€”their intellectual properties would more-so benefit human evolution if acknowledged in accompaniment with their vanity.

Aqua Aura is among the highest vibratory rate. This small and rare crystal acts as a battery (for example) to provide your body with an increased charge. By doing this, your intuition becomes clearer, your meditations are deeper, and you begin to easily connect with the metaphysical world on a day-to-day basis. 

I experienced the effects first-hand seven years ago when starting to use this crystal in my own spiritual routines (I’m a Metaphysical Christian who meditates regularly). My clairvoyance developed quickly, clairaudience strongly revealed itself within the year, and I became more sensitive to the energies around me. However, if you’re like me and like to carry crystals in your pocket, you may have trouble sleeping at night. Due to the high energy levels it possesses, you’ll toss and turn until your electromagnetic field gets use to it. Don’t worry, it’s worth it!

Another great way to use Aqua Aura is during meditation. By holding the stone in your palms, you can actively feel the energies bouncing around. This will spur an influx of visions. Grab your piece of Aqua Aura today at Enjoy!