The Satellite Station: “What Are We All Searching For”

By: Princess Carroll
April 17, 2020

Intelligent, thought-provoking, and all-around pleasing to the ears. This describes What Are We All Searching Forβ€”the new release from The Satellite Station.

The new single from the folk artist features dreamy vocals and the clear tone he’s known for. What we love most are the intriguing lyrics reflecting on life’s meaningful questions. The verses explore the fleeting passions of life: the desire to be old, the desire to be young again, the insecurities we all face to some degree. While it can be a heavy song, we encourage listeners to enjoy its congenial nature. The vocals and instrumentation are worth relishing even when you’re just living in the moment.

The Satellite Station is the stage name for singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Travis Rue. He’s known for his melodies and lyrical storytelling, which comes to no surprise when you hear What Are We All Searching For. Rue has teased on his social media that he’s working on new music while staying at home and we’re excited to hear what’s next! Check out What Are We All Searching For BELOWand The Satellite Station’s previous tracks here! Then, tell us what you think of this tune on social media today: @gasmakmagazine.

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