The Satellite Station:  “Back Of My Heart”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
November 9, 2021

“Back of My Heart” is a trip down memory lane.  The Satellite Stallion’s storytelling is the heart of the track. 

He shares his narrative through the music, lyrics and vocals.  The song reminisces about the transition period right after high school when the possibilities of what life will be like are endless.  It brings back happy memories of hanging out with friends before everyone heads out on their own adventure.

The indie rock track has a feel good vibe with upbeat music and a catchy chorus.  Just like the line “I still feel the beat in the back of my heart,” the tempo of the track gives the same impression.  It resonates like a heartbeat.

The Satellite Stallion is the alias for singer-songwriter Travis Rue.  He commented on the timing of the release of “Back of My Heart” on Instagram saying, “November might seem like an odd time to release a summer song, but hopefully this will spark some great memories from past summers.”

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