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The Night Owls: “When The Sun Rises Again”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
May 12, 2022

They may be nocturnal, but The Night Owls are looking forward to “When the Sun Rises Again.” 

The Canadian folk rock duo’s latest single expresses the importance of patience.  Lines like “Beautiful things take time so I’ll just sit here for a while” artfully encapsulate the idea that bad things may happen but, in time, something good will follow.  The music and vocals perfectly suit the serenity behind the lyrics.  The vocals are soothing and, at times, ethereal.  A sense of calm echoes throughout the track.  The ending in particular transports the listener into a peaceful state.  Sounds of nature convey the tranquility of the morning and the hope a new day will bring. 

The couple (consisting of Simon Arsenault and Marianne Bourgeois) described the song to Canadian Beats saying it “is an indie rock ambient song about the aftermath of depression and an optimistic look at the future.”  “When the Sun Rises Again” is a track on the group’s upcoming self-titled debut album.  The accompanying video visualizes the beauty of nature and even features the band’s namesake.

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