The Man Who: “Down”

By: James Brookes
September 14, 2019

The Man Who has a hot new track that combines pop sensibilities and alternative grit. Gas Maskers, check out “Down” below!

They’re the next Imagine Dragons and you heard their new single first on Gas Mask. Titled, “Down” The Man Who gives us a jaw dropping chorus and enough energy to launch a rocket. With hooks as catchy as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, we can’t seem to put this tune down in the Gas Mask HQ (see what we did there?). In fact, for your listening pleasure, we’ve put this track at the TOP of our Gas Mask FAVORITES playlist on Spotify. “Down” is filled with a soundscape of phenomenal proportion that will raise your blood and send shivers down your spine. Don’t believe us? Listen to the track below.

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