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The Loop: “See Me Beyond My Skin”

By: Eric Reyes
March 17, 2021

A spoken word track that poses some interesting questions about identity, self, and perception. The Loop, a collaborative musical group mixing Soul, Smooth Jazz, R&B and evocative spoken word verse, comes out of the gate strong with See Me Beyond My Skin.

Speaking truth to power about the personal experience of skin color and all that means in this world, the track is very engaging. Often in music there may be the impulse to dazzle, to blow the roof off the place, in order to be seen, be heard. The Loop takes the route of firm messaging and thoughtful prose, clever writing getting the message across well. I got a sense of the singer’s life, a taste of what goes through their mind, of how they have to consider the world as they are aware of how the world considers them.

The Spoken Word style of the piece was a fresh experience. In the age of formulaic productions, it is always rewarding to hear an artist’s message through their own words, free of syrupy metaphor or platitudes.

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