The Kill Romeos x Nevve:  “Crossfire”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
November 26, 2021

The Kill Romeos and Nevve joined forces for “Crossfire.”  The pop song is about getting through a difficult relationship. 

The lyrics mention that a new woman played a part in the couple’s breakup.  Even though the experience that is described is painful, Nevve’s vocals bring a sweetness to the track.  The Kill Romeos explained the song’s writing process to Run the Trap  saying, “I was going through some emotional heartache and transformation at that time and found myself very connected to it. I became obsessed with pouring my heart into the music.”

On working with Nevve, he said, “I teamed up with Nevve, whose brilliant words and vocals caught something so special. I was truly moved. I’ve never been so proud of a piece of work like I am of this song.”

The Kill Romeos is a drummer turned music producer who is taking his beats to new levels.  Nevve is a singer that has been featured on many recent EDM hits.  Their collaboration for “Crossfire” is a good mix of Pop and EDM to crossover both genres.

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