The Karmanauts: “Amelia”

By: Emma Kopelowicz
June 15, 2020

Hailing from Northern California, indie-rock group, The Karmanaunts captures the soothing sound of the coastline on their latest single, “Amelia.”

Bewildering guitar riffs and chilling vocal harmonies twist and unwind throughout this dark and mysterious number. While the instrumentals on this track definitely sound more downbeat, the song still feels bright and full of teeming life. The singer’s bittersweet vocals give us the impression that he’s serenading an ocean spirit. The subtle hint of banjo swirling in the song’s melody give it that extra dose of mystical energy. 

Beautiful imagery and introspective adages comprise the song’s poetic lyrics. “We turn down the corners of our page to be remembered/Here nothing is unbreakable or pure while we reside here,” The Karmanaunts offer us their reflections on love and life. The complex emotions churning beneath the surface of these lyrics casts a powerful effect over the rest of the song. Layers of lush sonic textures and moving harmonies elevate this track from a simple love song to a spirit-lifting listening experience. We’re completely floored by this soulful new addition to The Karmanauts’ discography, and we definitely think you should give it a listen.

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