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The Dryas: “Boy”

By: Eric Reyes
June 07, 2020

This track has heavy shades of that transitional sound of the mid 00’s, when rock and pop were both experiencing the influence of 80’s nostalgia and the genre-blend of Emo. Mumbled vocals sang into the mic like an exhausted secret, close and breathy. A healthy blend of distorted guitar and tireless beat for you to dance, sway, thrash to. The Dryas took me back in time with their newest single, “Boy.” 

Brit-pop, post-punk, and Dream-pop make for a lovely hybrid here. The energy is captivating, reviving those endorphin receptors that haven’t fired off since post-emo era of my childhood. This is the sound of the stealthily passed solo cup full of who knows what, of sweat-drenched moshing at some dive the next town over, of laying on your friend’s floor and looking up at the glow-in-the-dark stars he pasted to the ceiling. Feel young and hormonally imbalanced again with this infinitely listenable track. Play it loud enough for me to hear and we’ll put on eyeliner and skinny jeans together, never mind the neighbors.

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