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The Domain: “Favorite Mistake”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
November 24, 2022

The Domain and Lousy are acknowledging faults with their single “Favorite Mistake.”   

The electronic track describes a person in a relationship who knows it’s not good for them but can’t seem to fight the attraction.  The song starts out with a list of regularly heard excuses on why the couple should stay / get back together.  The lyrics list reasons why the relationship is toxic, but despite recognizing the shortcomings, the two can’t seem to break the cycle.  This sentiment is summed up in the line “even though my head knows it’s wrong, my heart won’t walk away.”  The catchy chorus melds perfectly with the beat.  The bass, synthesizers, and drums amp up the energy of the track.

“Favorite Mistake” is a collaboration between music producer The Domain and singer/songwriter Lousy.  The Domain explained the partnership to Electro Wow saying, “Lousy is a world-class vocalist and topliner – she nailed it and I pretty much just tried not to interfere and nail the arrangement and production to bring out the best of it… I think everyone can relate to these lyrics, it’s kind of universal, most people I think have had an attraction to someone who is really bad for them.”

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