The Blemish: “Serial Jane”

By: Fay Rose
July 30, 2021

The brand new tune from musical group, The Blemish, centers on an unusual song topic. “Serial Jane” is about a male gigolo for hire as he grooves his way through various appointments with ‘Janes.’

The lyrics of “Serial Jane” are in classic gigolo style, referring to money, sex and being rented out for a good time. That interesting assortment of lyrics is set to an electro-pop rhythm that is unyielding in its groovy dance beat. Since feelings and love are a big no-no to the gigolo, this song plays along by creating a funky, carefree vibe without any real depth. Basically, “Serial Jane” is a fun, good time jam while it’s spinning, until you move on to the next track.

The Blemish is a duo comprised of singer-songwriter-producer duo Bo Haan and Sheikh Beats. “Serial Jane” is the second single off their new album, Roboganic. Check it out now!

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