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The Antipop MVMT: “10 Marian”

By: Emma Kopelowicz
August 31, 2020

Singer-songwriter and founder of The Antipøp Mvmt, Ophelia X rises to the occasion on her inspiring new release, “10 Marian.”

Despite the pandemic, Ophelia X has made the decision to release her debut album as originally planned. Ophelia wrote the record in her bedroom and recorded it in Agoura Hills, California. Her brother/best friend Connr co-produced the album which features a number of up-and-coming artists such as Grae and Holander. 

Booming drums, moving piano, and Ophelia X’s stellar vocals collide on “10 Marian.” To compliment the orchestral melody, the track also has some electrifying guitar riffs and swirling synths that skyrocket the number to the next level. Her stunning, detailed-oriented lyrics are sure to ignite a fire in your heart from the very first line. “You were born from gasoline/Pauses between the breaths of what you say and what you mean,” the artist sings in her breathy yet resonant voice.

Take the sweeping melodies of early Lana Del Rey, the wild heart at the core of Florence + The Machine’s lyrics, and the gritty spirit of Halsey and you’ll find yourself listening to Ophelia’s dark pop patchwork sound. We’re totally hooked on the moody and breathtaking single “10 Marian” and we can hardly wait for the rest of Ophelia X’s album.

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