Ten Times: “Anyone”

By: Hennessy Echemendia
March 25, 2021

Ten Times new single “Anyone” will have anyone dancing their heart out!

Ten Times are two Swedish brothers who individually embarked on music separately with individual talents. Now they have come together creating a discography of great production and amazing music. Victor and Eric members of Ten Times have 7 singles out currently that they have created together.

New single “Anyone” is an inspiring song about loving yourself before anyone else! Lyrics like “I don’t need anyone i need myself to be alright.” great reminder for anyone coming out of a relationship or anyone with low self esteem to bring their hopes and self love back up a few notches. The mixing is immaculate, balancing out the singers vocals with the gorgeous production. This song is more than radio ready! The brothers could be compared to Swedish house mafia in my opinion with their upbeat and high frequency house/EDM vibes.

This new single is catchy, flashy, and full of reflection for self love. 

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