Teenear: “Dolla Signs”

By: Eric Reyes
March 27, 2020

Power. In her voice, in her imagery, in her appeal, this is the only word to describe the R&B artist Teenear and her newest single/music video “Dolla Signs.” 

Where other artists may rely on constant collab and ‘ft.’ endorsements to further their brand, Miami-native Teenear, while not lacking in connections or tools of the trade, need only use her voice. The melodic quality of her vocal arrangements and expansive range make for a thrilling artist you have to hear, and see, to believe. In her video you’ll find her literally bathed in gold, flakes of the precious metal adorning her flawless skin, draped in pearls, breathing life and beauty into a studio mic. These are motifs found in the lyrical content of her music, brought to life. Visually and audibly versatile, we couldn’t hit repeat fast enough. 

From humble beginnings covering Rhianna on YouTube at age 15; to having famous Japanese choreographers use her tracks for their routines; and now with powerhouse studio releases like “Dolla Signs” Teenear is a must-listen addition to any playlist.  

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