Taylor Castro: “With A Dagger”

By: Eric Reyes
March 10, 2021

I was stunned by Taylor Castro from the first note. Repeatedly I said, ‘That voice isn’t coming from that woman.’ After the shock settled, it all made sense.

Taylor Castro’s voice is extremely mature for her appearance, and I’m sure there’s an old saying about appearances and their deceptive qualities to counter my apprehension. It has great power behind it. An amazing resonance that lingers in the air, and in the mind, with every syllable. Her tonality is versatile and soulful without being overwhelming. The lyrical content here is another piece of her thoughtful composition. Words chosen for their importance to the narrative rather than a simple rhyming scheme and played on by the strengths of her natural vocal ability.

Taylor Castro is a renaissance talent. Accomplished in every artistic endeavor she undertakes, her performance here is effortlessly awe-inspiring. Often I have to search for words to describe the acts I review. For once, I can’t find the words because there are none to be had. The work speaks for itself. Proudly.

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