TAY (remix by Alan Artin): “ILY”

May 14, 2021 | Writer: Eric Reyes

Lost in the sauce, and not particularly concerned with finding my way back. I sank into this amazing track from breakout Indie-pop artist Tay.

 β€˜ILY’ is like opening a jar filled with a coastal storm. The driving beat, the textured echoes of grippingly performed vocals, the chipper piano cutting into the silence and rumbling along below the rising electronic wave. Beauty and chaos, with a rhythm that is magnificent, unpredictable.

Her vocals were astounding. There was an epic quality to it that never sacrificed the integrity of her overall performance. Though this was a Remix by the eminent talent Alan Artin, the effect to which her voice was utilized, with a dash of artistic license here and there but otherwise unaltered, shows the strength of the core performer and her ability. It’s so bright and bounding with a natural power and versatility.

I don’t know why but it felt, at times, like the intro song to an Anime film like β€˜Your Name.’ But that might just be me, I’m weird.

The mix is likewise impressive. It was an entity all its own, using the spark, the warmth, the heat of Tay’s vocals to set alight a digital wildfire that swept me up in its intensity. It was so dreamy at times that I became lost in my thoughts. It isn’t losing your attention, or even competing for it; it’s creating a unique experience for you to dive into headfirst.

So… do it.