Tatiana Lima: “Garden of Eden”

By: Tiare Pito
November 15, 2021

Fresh off the heels of her release of “Witch Bitch”, Tatiana Lima has just come out with a new single, and once again, we are obsessed! ‘Garden of Eden’ is an artful piece that is sure to captivate!

Lima cleverly uses biblical metaphors to speak to her sexuality in ‘Garden of Eden’. Referring often to the “forbidden fruit”, she talks about coming to terms with her queer identity, particularly when surrounded with others that struggled to accept it. In spite of the loaded topic, Lima did not write ‘Garden of Eden’ to be depressing, rather, arranged it an upbeat and soulful manner. A true anthem for the queer community! 

‘Garden of Eden’ is delivered in an evocative manner. Lina’s smooth, sultry vocals, combined with the solid beats and synths blend together to create a striking listening experience. It draws listeners in easily.

We love ‘Garden of Eden’, and everything it stands for! With such a bewitching song, we are excited to see what Tatiana Lima will come up with next!

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