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Tash: “What A Lovely Mess”

By: Jared Free
September 17, 2019

Sultry vocals and silky-smooth harmonies will grab you up in “What A Lovely Mess,Tash’s new single. Listen right here, Gas Maskers!

Lovely indeed! This single from Tash proves that she has some real R&B chops. Her voice is warm, with layered vocal harmonies unfolding to create a truly expansive soundscape from minimal parts. The finger snap beat is simple, but mesmerizing, drawing you into Tash’s truly irresistible groove. Tash may think it’s a mess, but to our ears, this song is perfect. We’ve already added “What A Lovely Mess” to our Gas Mask FAVORITES playlist on Spotify. Do the same or stream it below!

Have you guys made a mess that ended up being in divine harmony & order? Let us know on social media today at: @gasmaskmagazine.