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Tarn PK: “Daylight”

By: Eric Reyes
April 24, 2020

Standing on the shoulders of genre giants, Kiwi musical polyglot Tarn PK has us greeting the sunrise with his sublime release, “Daylight.”

The young artist makes no secret of his various inspirations. “Daylight” is a wonderful auditory mosaic of these influences, with the overall melodic pop vocalizations and beat wonderfully blended with chill funk and slow-jam dance. The RnB in his repertoire of stylistic stock shows strong as his clean vocals, smooth all on their own, gain a thrilling edge through minor modulation. The sensuality is very strong in this track’s vibe. But while many funk and soul forebearers might present this impulse as a foregone conclusion, Tarn PK offers the inhibition-free intimacy as something wholly spontaneous, beyond his or anyone’s control. 

If this song was a drink, it would be a blended pina colada sitting at the end of a tiki bar on a beach, the deep, penetrating warmth of the rising sun’s light glistening on the ocean and on the condensation of the glass. And while we’re not sure when we’ll have the opportunity to have pina coladas on a beach, we know we’ll treat ourselves to this silky smooth song every day. Let us know what you think of this tune on social media today: @gasmakmagazine.

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