Taran: “Jungle”

By: Princess Carroll
April 21, 2020

Diverse sounds come together in Taran’s new release Jungle!

This new release from singer-songwriter and producer Taran has a cool, late 70s/early 80s feel. The track does have a few modern additions, one of which is its ethnic influences. We hear the flute throughout which gives the single a unique indigenous flair, especially during its solo. The most surprising element in this piece is the shift about halfway through- we transition from tribal sounds to heavy metal! The track’s eclectic sound paired with Taran’s seasoned vocals keep listeners engaged throughout.

Jungle is the only original on Taran’s debut album Yacht Rock. The other singles on his album are covers of artists such as the Eagles, Hall & Oates, and Kenny Loggins (hence the album name). After years of producing music and grooming artists under his own record label, Taran decided to focus on his own music. His artistry was on full display recently when he added instrumentation to Heather Headley’s acapella rendition of Get Here by Oleta Adams.

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