Tanja Jeramaz: “Boy Tears”

By: Hennessy Echemendia
June 18, 2021

“Boy Tears” by Tanja Jeramaz is a spicy single, garnished with palatable and pretty production.

It’s a mix of sonic art somewhere between pop, and EDM. Reminiscent of the Nelly Fertatado era, this song speaks to Female independence and power, with a touch of tender sassiness. 

She shares a sentiment known by many about the reclamation of the self after a heartbreak, and how to “bounce back” in the midst of disappointment with a shallow lover. This song is both Fun, and Sassy making it a perfect addition for radio play, or club atmospheres. The writing in this sonic art is blunt, and pleasantly exaggerated to the point of edginess, while the beautiful sonic production keeps the listener engaged with a variety of sprinkles and light-like melodies.

I personally love Tanja’s take on the phrase “boys don’t cry” which seems to be the driving irony behind this track. With her winning attitude, she inspires listeners to reclaim the pieces of their broken hearts so they can collect and regrow themselves with the help of “Boys Tears”. She expresses that these tears are the most potent, and are best used for personal growth, as if one were a plant, and the boy tears, vitamin enriched water.

The cover art is also simple yet clever, and ties in very well with the theme and concept of the single.

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