Tabitha Nauser: “Won’t Stop”

By: Fay Rose
August 14, 2021

“How do I connect when you’re far away?” That’s the opening line that sets the stage for a song about disconnected lovers in Tabitha Nauser’s spicy new single, “Won’t Stop.”

As Tabitha seductively resounds the fact that she “Won’t Stop” loving the object of her desire, it’s ambiguous whether the separation is from distance or breakup. I mean it doesn’t really make a difference, but I was just curious. Either way you can weave the tale to fit your own story, which is just another great element that music delivers to its listener.

Tabitha Nauser does a great job of showcasing a dynamic range of vocals on this R&B-infused, downtempo track. Her sultry tone combined with the dramatic background instrumentals gives me Fifty Shades of Grey vibes going on as soon as the first note strikes.

The talented Singaporean singer with Swiss and Indian roots was second runner up on Singapore Idol in 2009. She also has a YouTube channel with a focus on beauty and lifestyle.

Stream “Won’t Stop” now to see if you can stop listening to this haunting track.

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