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Sydni Cole: “Since You Left”

By: Tiare Pito
November 6, 2021

When a relationship does not pan out the way we had hoped, it can be devastating. Yet, instead of mulling on the pain of breakups, Sydni Cole has taken us in a new direction with her single ‘Since You Left’, and we love it! This is THE song to listen to if you are struggling with heartache and breakups.

Rather than focusing on the negative aspects of breakups, Cole delivers an uplifting message of growth and empowerment. Whilst acknowledging the hurt that comes with such a situation, she does not let it end there; rather, Cole focuses on how she has moved on and found happiness. A message of hope, it is no wonder that ‘Since You Left’ is able to draw in and connect with listeners easily.

On top of a heartwarming message, ‘Since You Left’ is delivered to us in an upbeat and exciting way. A pop country anthem, it’s unique instrumentals combined with Cole’s heartfelt vocals all coalesce into a powerful listening experience.

We are so excited by ‘Since You Left’, and have no doubt that listeners will have it playing on repeat. We cannot wait to see what is next from Sydni Cole!

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