Super Massive Panda: “Breakthrough“

By: Tiare Pito
October 23, 2021

Super Massive Panda’s new song ‘Breakthrough’ is out of this world, and we cannot get enough of it! If you want something that will have you entranced from the start, then you need to listen to this song!

Featuring powerful, hypnotic vocals and dreamy synths that are complimented with bright percussions, listeners are instantly drawn in. ‘Breakthrough’ speaks of the struggle as you try to push your own boundaries. Trying to surpass your own limits whilst being pressured to advance and improve yourself. The tension continues to build with the pumping tempo and flaring synths, and we are not disappointed with the dark energy that ‘Breakthrough’ provides. Super Massive Panda has provided us with a deliciously enthralling musical experience.

With such a deeply intriguing song, we cannot help but hope for more. We are excited to see what is next from Super Massive Panda!

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