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SugarBeats & Stereocool ft. Nic Hanson: “Super Sauce”

By: Sydney Cooper
April 28, 2018

Can you think of anything tastier than Super Sauce? We sure couldn’t! Listen to the new track below, Gas Maskers.

Have you got the sauce? How about the super sauce? If not, don’t worry; SugarBeats, Stereocool & Nic Hanson have got you covered with their new track. “Super Sauce” is a funk track that blends the sexy spices of fat synths, Prince inspired vocals, and very throwback 70’s funk/R&B instrumentation. All we have to say about it is three words: THAT BASSLINE THO. Just kidding! We can’t say enough about this track. It is refreshing to hear tunes like this—paying respect to a genre well loved and very missed. Stream it on our Gas Mask FAVORITES playlist, or listen below!

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