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Stiles Brisson: “TMTA”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
December 17, 2021

Stiles Brisson gets inquisitive with his new single “TMTA.” 

On the track, he expresses his interest in taking a friendship to another level and wants to know if his potential partner will ever feel the same.  The sweet and honest lyrics convey both his affections and frustrations.  While sharing his feelings, he wonders “is it too much to ask you?”

“TMTA” is a mood lifter from the start.  The beat moves the song along while the vocals give a calming effect.  Brisson may sound like a seasoned vocalist, but the Canadian turned Parisian is only 17-years-old.  The talented teen not only sings on the track, but is also listed as the song’s composer, lyricist and songwriter along with collaborator Josh Hart. 

The video for “TMTA” features an introspective Brisson rocking ear buds and rose-colored glasses as he enjoys the outdoors.

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