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STEVE: “Tell Me”

By: Blaire Cache
February 7, 2019

Steve’s newest release has something to say and we are here for it! Check out what we thought about “Tell Me” below.

As soon as we heard this next song, we knew right away that we’d have to talk about it. Steve’s newest track “Tell Me” is a true master class in genre blending: rap delivery with a pop sentiment over an electronic dance beat. What!? To say this track is refreshing is an understatement, and we have no doubt that this North Carolina artist will be in headphones everywhere in no time. We are loving Steve’s flow over the airy EDM beat, and can’t help but feel his emotions throughout the track. We’ve all been in the place that STEVE describes: a place of longing and wishful thinking, but maybe we would like it more if our thoughts sounded like this track. Watch the official music video for “Tell Me” below!

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