Steve Lozone ft. Sally-Jane: “Sunrise”

By: Emma Kopelowicz
July 14, 2020

Australian Spanish DJ and producer Steve Lozone will put you in a trance with his mesmerizing jazzy track, “Sunrise,” featuring the groovy vocals of Sally-Jane.

Born in Australia and raised in Spain, Lozone’s music reflects his multicultural background. With bouncing bass, jazz-inpsired instrumentals, and smooth percussive elements, Lozone’s sound drawn from various global influences is bound to whisk you away to every corner of the world. Bumping with hi-fi energy and catchy saxophone, Lozone has crafted the perfect feel-good electronic house track to top off any summer afternoon. 

We can imagine ourselves listening to his chill EDM melodies on a balcony overlooking the ocean or––better yet––sailing on the glittering seas. Even if you’re just trying to catch some rays on the roof of your apartment, this track will still make you feel like you’re living the dolce vida on a tropical island. Sally-Jane’s vocals add to the soothing effect of this track and truly sound like sunbeams bouncing off ocean waves. 

The atmospheric sound of this track creates the effect of an endless loop of good vibrations. This track will certainly get a stream of dopamine running through your veins while opening your mind to the simple pleasures found in nature. No matter where you are in the world, Lozone and Sally-Jane have reminded us that you’ll always be able to find the “Sunrise.”

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