Stellar: “El Dorado”

By: Eric Reyes
March 02, 2021

A ‘Devil went down to Georgia’ tale that isn’t chained to the venerable genres of Blues or Rock N’ Roll. Plenty of attitude, plenty of flash, plenty of style. A Raconteur, to be sure.

Bostonian original Stellar blew me away with this catchy track. Dripping with a sleazy, gritty energy that doesn’t falter or drop off for the sake of vanity, I was hooked from the get go. The mix was a strut, astrong beat that pulled you along. I was moving as I listened to it, it demands attention, demands you bend to its whim. A great effect for a song that talks of deals with the devil and sold souls.

The vocals here are worth remarking on as well. Without relying on overproduction to force a response from the audience, Stellar stands on his own merits, vocally. There is an artificial flourish, and even relish, at times among artists of this genre. Here, the performance is sincere, is deeper than surfacelevel, and you can feel it.

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