Stef: “Funeral”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
March 4, 2022

Stef is singing her sadness in her new single “Funeral.” 

As the title suggests, the music is dark and eerie.  Piano/organ sounds echo throughout giving off a church feel.  The emotionally charged track expresses grief about the end of a relationship.  Listeners can easily connect to the fervent lyrics.  Just as many do after a breakup, the lyrics question how invested the other person was in the relationship.  With lines like “Would you come to my funeral,” Stef inquires whether or not her ex would be affected by her death.  The honest lyrics are enhanced by Stef’s beautifully sad and haunting vocals.  

She explained to Pop Passion how the song came about:

Funeral was written after what I would say was my first adult heart break. It came from a very genuine and raw place because it was a genuine question I was wondering – β€œwould he come to my funeral?” I wrote it standing in the kitchen with one of my best friends Rikki Randall, an incredible songwriter. Just a story I had to tell that I’ve found a lot of people resonate with.

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