StaticSix28: “Shadows”

By: Eric Reyes
June 08, 2021

Another artist that is difficult to lump into any single genre or sound, StaticSix28 delivers a moody piece in β€˜Shadows.’

I got an odd mix of Matchbook Romance and Randy Newman. If you don’t know who either of those acts are… I don’t know, grow up? This comparison really applies more to the vocals. In tone and sound, Randy Newman, but in style and vibe, Matchbook Romance. There is a strain and nasality to it that draws out the emotional power of the track’s lyrical content. Dwelling often on the titular β€˜Shadows’, the word itself has a lot of verbal complexity allowing for a lot of opportunity for unique expression of it. This is put to good use in this track.

The lyrics will be sure to strike a chord with people experiencing heartbreak, and the cloud of uncertainty and sadness following the loss of something that offered such fulfillment and meaning. I think we’ve all had a time where something came to an end, and it just threw the whole world into shadow.

The instrumentals are an interesting mix of soaring rock guitar and electro-goth low-key mixing. It melds together surprisingly well. With an overall straightforward, simple structure, the instrumentals are here to help support to lyrical content and vocal performance, which they do well.

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