Stafford Brothers: “Unglued”

By: Michelle Vaccaro
August 06, 2021

Stafford Brothers’ “Unglued” is a quintessential club song. 

It hits you in the face as soon as it starts. The vocals kick in right away and then the beat drops.  The intoxicating beat is coupled with intense lyrics about life’s struggles.  The Stafford Brothers nabbed The Zealot’s frontman, Micah Martin, for the EDM track vocals.

In case you’re wondering, the Stafford Brothers are, in fact, brothers.  Matt and Chris Stafford are sibling DJs who co-starred in an Australian reality TV series together in 2011 chronicling their rise in the music industry. 

The Stafford Brothers are scheduled to perform live on stage in Australia on select dates from September through November.  A complete schedule of their upcoming tour dates can be found on their website.

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