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SPOILER ALERT: There’s A New HOH In Town!

By: Taylor Thompson
July 14, 2017

We all knew Paul would eventually have to leave the HOH thrown after the eviction of Cody was said and done. BUT with the #ChristmasBreak, two large alliances, and a few other floaters, who won the latest HOH?

We have your answer: Alex.

In a showdown on the battlefield, Elena and Alex were the last two up against the wall. Literally. Due to a truce that had been formed between the Southwestern Belle & Los Angeles Badass, Elena finished the competition by throwing it to Alex—crowning a new head of household. 

Tonight we learn on the live feeds paranoia is swirling around Christmas—who is still in the hospital recovering from surgery—after she voted to evict Ramsey opposed to the *almost* unanimous choice of Cody. As Paul, Alex, & Elena discussed, “We all knew it was Christmas” who voted for Ramsey in the infamous eviction.

Stay tuned to see who will go up on the block next week. Only one question remains: Did Jessica or Raven hide Alex’s ears under the couch cushions?

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