Space Boy (Matthew Blaire): “Let Me Go”

By: Ico Beltran
January 16, 2020

β€œLet Me Go” molds the kooky instrumentals of underground indie onto the style of bedroom hip-hop.

Space Boy’s start-and-stop delivery finds a connection to his minimalist daydream samples. For example, lines such as, β€œLadi dadi do yah I been in love before, now I’m always sayin’ no because I know what’s up,” are matched with sporadic dropkicks and descending string melodies. Sometimes, when we feel like doing nothing, a song like this is the only thing that can put us β€œin the mood.” It embodies the act of laying down in bed, sleeping in, and doing nothing. But within this ennui, one can’t help but feel the repression of deep emotions.

As an artist under Beige Records, a label that covers musicians that are just beginning their career, not a lot needs to be said about Space Boy. But that doesn’t mean we’re not excited. This new track has us anticipating more singles to come! Check out β€œLet Me Go” below! Tell us what you think of this track on social media at: @gasmaskmagazine.

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