Socialghosts: “Puzzle in the Dark”

By: Tiare Pito
November 12, 2021

Socialghosts have hooked us all with their new single ‘Puzzle in the Dark’! This song is sure to become a regular on your playlist, just like it has ours!

‘Puzzle in the Dark’ speaks to the struggle of articulating and making changes to your current situation. An experience shared by many, listeners are able to share a sense of solidarity in ‘Puzzle in the Dark’. The universality of this situation is what allows so many to connect with this song.

‘Puzzle in the Dark’ features raw, unpretentious vocals and high energy rock instrumentals. These aspects run together seamlessly to create a striking listening experience that draws listeners in. As powerful as the sounds are, rather than distracting from the message of ‘Puzzle in the Dark’, they enhance it. 

Socialghosts have really excited us with ‘Puzzle in the Dark’. Skillfully executed, we eagerly anticipate future releases from the group!

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