SKYDXDDY: β€œHold Me”

By: Tiare Pito
February 3rd, 2022

In a society where mental illness is stigmatized and misunderstood so heavily, SKYDXDDY breaks the mold and addresses it with bravery and rawness. With their newest single β€˜Hold Me’, SKYDXDDY has successfully captured the minds and hearts of listeners all across the globe. 

With powerful lyrics that capture the reality and struggle of mental health issues, β€˜Hold Me’ is a light for those that may feel alone in their suffering. Detailing the desperation for someone to stand by you in your hardest times, it speaks to so many. Listeners are able to feel SKYDXDDY’s pain and emotion, and connect in a meaningful manner. The mere act of listening to β€˜Hold Me’ is a powerful and cathartic experience. 

β€˜Hold Me’ is delivered to us on intense yet smooth vocals. SKYDXDDY’s voice is simultaneously enchanting and chilling, and the accompanying instrumentals flawlessly complement the vocals. 

Artfully put together, listening to β€˜Hold Me’ will never disappoint. If you are ever in the midst of your own struggles, or feeling alone, this is THE song to listen to. We cannot wait to see what SKYDXDDY will come up with next!

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