Sky Fighters: “Not Your Savior”

By: Tiare Pito
November 23, 2021

To watch someone you care about suffer is a trying thing. However, putting yourself first and setting boundaries can be even more so. Sky Fighters have captured this concept perfectly with their new single ‘Not Your Savior’. A rock anthem that will stir your soul, it is THE song to listen to when you are experiencing heartache. 

Speaking to a difficult subject with clarity, Sky Fighters expertly navigate the topic of not burning yourself out to keep others warm, so to speak. In a heart wrenching declaration, they sing of standing back and not saving someone; leaving them to build themselves up and save themselves. The honest and raw lyrics are striking and grab at the attention of listeners, piercing them thoroughly. 

‘Not Your Savior’ is delivered to us on passionate, emotive vocals and powerful instrumentals. As opposed to detracting from the meaning of the song, the rock nature instead intensifies its theme and drives it to the next level. All aspects blend together seamlessly to create a simultaneously vulnerable yet unrestrained listening experience.

Suffice to say, Sky Fighters really brought their A-game with ‘Not Your Savior’. We cannot wait to see what is in store for the future!

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