Sir Christopher Saint: “Let’s Manifest”

By: Tiare Pito
July 23, 2022

We hope that you all have a fan nearby, because Sir Christopher Saint is bringing the HEAT! With his newest single “Let’s Manifest,” you will be vibing and dancing along in no time. When you are in need of a confidence boosting, fun loving anthem, this is THE song to listen to! 

Speaking to living your best life and manifesting your best self, “Let’s Manifest” is the perfect party song. At first glance the lyrics may seem like that of any other pop song, but a closer analysis reveals a deeper layer; one that speaks to standing against societal norms and pressures, and staying true to yourself no matter what. It is a song of liberation, self confidence, and forging your own path in life. 

“Let’s Manifest” is brought to life with an addictive beat and confident, alluring vocals. There is a certain electric energy that pulls listeners in and keeps them begging for more.

Sir Christopher Saint really brought his A-Game, and it is no wonder that he is able to impress so effortlessly! Having written for artists such as Paris Hilton, and being brought in as a singer/song writer for the first ever McDonald’s Pride Campaign, he is well experienced in the music industry. He was also awarded Best Music Video in the Hollywood Gold Awards for stunning music video “Colorado,” as well as having landed a place in Forbes Next 1000. With such success and talent, we are excited to see what will be next from Sir Christopher Saint!

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