Silverpalms: “Hey You”

By: James Brookes
March 28, 2018

Gas Maskers, prepare yourself for the up-and-coming rock/alternative quartet: Silverpalms! Listen to their debut single below!

It’s no easy task to create a catchy and energy-driven rock song that’ll sway the masses. That being said, take note of Silverpalms. The Georgia natives combined the class of old school rock with a bit of modern day love of The Strokes. All of which, you can’t go wrong with! Their new single, “Hey You” is a rock tune of hooks and fun. Not only does it suck you in from the start, with mysterious tones and open space, the chorus progresses to build that gritty edge we know and love. In fact, it’s so killer, we’ve added this one to our Gas Mask FAVORITES Playlist! Go take a listen and add it to your own Spotify playlist today

Want more? Check out the official lyric video for “Hey You” below!

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