SHY Martin: “Feelings”

May 14, 2021 | Writer: Eric Reyes

SHY Martin delivers an honest and intimate track with β€˜Feelings.’

At times it feels like a confrontation. We’re given the story of this relationship filled with plenty of emotional turmoil. Questions abound if maybe too much was revealed, too much was asked. And there’s no overlooking the harm done, intentionally and otherwise.

But the β€˜Mea Culpa’ offered throughout shows a mature, if still naΓ―vely hopeful, view of the situation. Something imperfect, with plenty of room for improvement. But they still want to give it a go, it’s worth it. Don’t go.

SHY Martin’s vocal performance wields the conventions of current pop to great effect. From sleepy, almost baby-doll mutterings that draw the listener in, like a sullen confession, her voice spreads its wings and takes flight with the backing mix. Backed by a well textured chorus of echoes and back-up vocals (electronic and otherwise), we get that effect of enhanced suggestion from romantic numbers in Disney movies or musicals. The current state of things is laid out before us in plain terms, and a blunt request, bordering on a command, is given.

β€˜Don’t Go.’