Shaka Smith: “Luv Language”

By: Eric Reyes
June 8, 2021

There’s a lot to cover here, so lets get to it.

Shaka Smith seemingly can’t be stopped. He sees a new opportunity for creativity and personal growth, a new challenge, and he leans into it, head-first.

 β€˜Luv Language’, while not his first release, is definitely his most complex in composition. Alternating between an electronic-house modulated voice and his own nimble, natural vocals, we get a feel for his individual style. Unafraid to bend the rules, and playing free and loose with the traditional structure of a track of this genre, he builds much of the strength of the performance off of the vocals. The real focus of the performance is the wild energy imparted by the textured vocals and the mix. It gets inside your head and helps lower your guard, and allows you to just enjoy the ride, this electrifying rush of sound.

Brisk and snappy, without any excess weight, even the slower breaks here and there play an integral part in the makeup of the whole experience. The mix, if stripped of the vocals, would still maintain the strong core, a sign of the expert production that went into this track. Fortunately, we get to experience the whole package in this exciting outing from an accomplished artist who knows what it takes to make something worthwhile.

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