Serel: “Inner Psycho”

By: Eric Reyes
April 01, 2021

Serel comes out the gate swinging in this surprisingly soulful track.

β€œMy Inner Psycho”  melds pop and rock well; powerful vocals, a chilling backing mix, and utilizing guitarwork as more than another audio trinket to build a pile of sound to justify time.

The drop here is very effective. A sheer cliff face with jagged outcroppings you strike on the way down, before being caught by the updraft of Serel’s skillful and rich vocals. The lyrics work just as hard, really impressing on us, the listener, the strife of this moment, of this relationship that has left such an indelible mark.

One moment, your heart is racing and the vocals are crashing down around you, then suddenly soaring, then floating back down like a feather from some heavenly being. And then the drop, that heavy, heavy drop. That brief, but dense drop. The composition of this track is very interesting, and while the vocal stylings of Serel are the powerhouse of the piece, the whole of the song is as engaging and impressive.

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