Second Hand Poet: “I Wanna Watch TV”

By: Ico Beltran
December 28, 2020

Second Hand Poet’s new single is flush with slow, punk-heavy riffs and crushed vocals.

β€œI Wanna Watch TV” is a song about the renege that brings us back to our slothful lives. Although it deflects the capitalistic system that disables us from indulging in our current wantsβ€”β€œWhat’s the deal with working all day, I got things to do, got friends to see. I wanna watch TV, I wanna drink β€˜til I drop, I wanna fall to the floor”—it doesn’t exactly appear hopeful towards any other alternatives. Rather, β€œI Wanna Watch TV” wallows in an endless tunnel without a light on the other side. There’s no doubt that Second Hand Poet is dealing with the fruitlessness of the world. He rejects the status quo for an alternative that isn’t any better. But despite this drab message, the song remains intriguing in its inspection of the human condition as it asks whether or not we’re meant for a life of working 8 hours a day or a life of doing whatever we want. Simple, rustic guitar chords repeat throughout the song as a downtrodden man slowly sinks into an old sofa, saying, β€œI wanna watch TV.”

This song is sure to please fans of gloomy folk artists, such as Bon Iver, Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, and Elliot Smith. Tell us what you think of these tracks on social media today at: @gasmaskmagazine.

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