Sean Kingston & Ananya Birla: “Days Go By”

By: Honey Mills
October 02, 2019

Day Goes By” is a track that needs to be both in your car and in the club! Check out what we thought about it right here.

Indian songstress Ananya Birla and Sean Kingston have teamed up to bring you one of the craziest surprises of the year with this hot new collab! The unlikely duo has recently released “Day Goes By;” a fun, sexy and poppin’ track that you’re going to be streaming on repeat right away. With elements of pop and Reggaeton, this track features slick hooks and smooth grooves that are sure to have you dancing the whole night through. We love how this track holds a light and steady freshness as it builds on darker and sassier sounds. We hope that this is the first of many Ananya Birla x Sean Kingston tracks because they seriously belong together! Hear the track and watch the official music video below!

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