Scherb: “Tequila Sunrise” (Prod. 47 Shots)

By: Emma Kopelowicz
June 16, 2020

Scherb has us daydreaming about happy hour with his new track, “Tequila Sunrise.”

The rapper combines East and West Coast rap styles to create his own signature blend of chill beats and more aggressive bars. “Who thought, who knew?/Now they watch me like Hulu,” Scherb starts off the track with an air of confidence in his tone. The rapper’s lyrics paint a dark and vivid picture of city night life and subtly hints at his rise to power in this underground world. 

The beat is primarily driven by a simple bass line overlaid with a stylish Latin-inspired guitar riff. The real focus is on Scherb’s monotone vocals which are both parts strong and mesmerizing. As the song progresses, Schreb gets a little more experimental with his production. About halfway through the track, his voice is tweaked slightly with some auto-tune right before he drops into the chorus again. It’s tricks like that which show us that Scherb is well on his way to developing his own unique style. We know the best is yet to come from this young rapper on the rise.

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