Scatman John & Lou Bega: “Scatman & Hatman”

By: Jared Free
July 22, 2019

Retro vibes and snappy beats abound in the latest from Scatman John & Lou Bega, “Scatman & Hatman.” Check it out below!

It’s all in the name — the explosive chorus is this song’s main attraction. The song merges the ancient art of scatting with a technological edge before devolving into an irresistible breakdown. Horn samples are never out of place, as this banger goes to show! It’s almost impossible to get through this song without tapping your feet between that amazing chorus and the fun, and totally funky, verses from Lou Bega. We’ve been waiting for his comeback, and he brings the house down. The chorus uses Scatman John’s famous stylings to incredible effect, making this an inventive club banger that’s as historic as it is fun. 

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