Satellite Stories: “Coupons”

By: Sydney Cooper
May 22, 2018

Satellite Stories are gearing up for their final encore. Keep reading to see what we thought of their newest single, β€œCoupons”!

Are you ready to say goodbye to Satellite Stories? β€˜Cause we definitely are not! The Finnish Indie band is gearing up for their final tour and final album set to drop later this year. Their new single β€œCoupons” is from their final album, said to be released this fall, and it is further proof that this will be a truly bittersweet farewell.

Remnant of β€œLasso” by Phoenix, β€œCoupons” is an electro power pop track packed with layered instrumentation and vocal harmonies. Its chorus is lyrically catchy and made infectious by beats that sound like they were made to get stuck in your head. We are loving this sparkly track so much that we’ve added it to our Gas Mask FAVORITES playlist this week, and as a way to say thank you for the ten awesome years of music from Satellite Stories. Purchase your copy on iTunes today!

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