Sara Philips: “Hell Like Me”

By: Fay Rose
August 07, 2021

“Hell Like Me” is the new single from Canadian singer-songwriter Sara Philips.

When you hear these lyrics – “I know I should wish you well/But I wish you mostly hell” – you might immediately think this is a mean revenge song. Instead, at its core, is a sad love song verbalizing the emotional pain of losing someone you still want to be with and wishing the other person felt the same. These are the lyrics many can relate to, and Sara’s emotional delivery makes you feel the discomfort even more. The heartfelt tune is backed by a nice arrangement of pop instrumentals.

Sara Philips broke into music in 2011 by showcasing her music on her YouTube channel. Her vocals and musical style remind me a lot like artist Ashe.

Sara Philips’ self-titled debut EP is available for streaming now.

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