SANI: “2 Glasses”

By: Eric Reyes
April 01, 2020

Music is an industry full of entrepreneurs and self-starters. Working from the ground up, and then striking your own path into the market can sound like something out of a film, a fantasy. But for German solo artist Sani, there’s dreams, and then there’s what you make reality. 

With his debut single β€œ2 Glasses” he shows off his finely honed skills with an endlessly playable and fresh mix backing his solid vocals. There is a playful escapism in this track, an innocence that says, β€˜take my hand, let’s go, let’s get away’ and we were sold. Take us away!  His background in music production is clear, as this session has a strong showing of rhythm and design, structured excellently. This tune has clear vision not only for the individual sound of the artist, but of the market and what audiences want out of their music. 

Sani is an artist to watch out for, and we here at Gas Mask Magazine can’t wait till we get the next opportunity to shower him with more well deserved praise. Be sure to tell us what you think of it on social media: @gasmaskmagazine.

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