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Sam DeRosa: “Hard To Love”

By: Sydney Cooper
May 17, 2018

Sam DeRosa’s new track is about a battle too many of us have suffered, and have more often than not, lost. Keep reading to see what we thought about “Hard To Love.”

Sam DeRosa is a singer songwriter from New York who has finally dropped her highly anticipated single, “Hard To Love”. “Hard To Love” is a heartbreaking plea that mirrors a sentiment we love over here at Gas Mask; when having issues with a partner, remember that it is not you vs them, it’s you two vs the problem. DeRosa’s beautiful voice has so much to say in this piece. The character of her vocal quality is honest and strong, although it is also obvious that she has the voice of someone who has been hurt. Although the lyrical subject matter of this track is heavy, the electro pop grooves are light and airy and inspire listeners to get up on the dance floor, making this track an enigma in all of the best ways. We love tracks with heart, but also give you the energy to get moving and grooving. We cannot wait for more music from this rising star! Stream her latest on our Gas Mask FAVORITES playlist! OR, purchase your copy on iTunes today.

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